Amarillo's Premier Haunted House, MAYHEM Z!
Over fifty years ago in the downtown of a growing young city known as Amarillo, a nationally known non-profit built a new
center as a beacon of light for the youth and families of Amarillo at 816 S Van Buren. Little did they know beneath the
cornerstone of the building lay abandoned, decaying brick structures that were built before time was measured, from a time
when our fair city was covered by forest and legendary demons roamed the Earth; long. This secret laid dormant until 2007
when the youth center (old downtown YMCA) was bought and the
AAYC was created... During remodeling efforts  the
leadership of the
AAYC found an entrance to this underground lair.  In 2007 the leadership of the AAYC decided that all
needed to see what laid beneath our youth center and we have been scaring people ever since.  In 2012 the underground
lair became too dangerous and the entire first floor of the AAYC became infested with....  Now the Clown Gang is trying to
take out the Zombies and all the undead... They want this haven to be all their own.  Who will survive,  will you survive?
This can only be described  as true

Our team is here to support the youth of Amarillo with this great fundraiser.  Well let's just say it's pure
MAYHEM. Join us
every Friday and Saturday night in October as we uncover this hidden domain.  Be ready because we will scare you!
AAYC Haunted House
Amarillo Haunted House
Rated one of the  best haunted houses in Texas!  Amarillo's Premier Haunted House.
A Saftey Event for the entire family:  FEARFEST